When Ralph moved in next door

When Ralph moved in next door

When Ralph moved in next door

Ralph is a small bunny that has come to live next door to Harlow. He was re-homed from a local day care centre and is quite the celebrity around town. All the children know and love Ralph, and when Olive and Peggy found out he was next door, a playdate was arranged immediately.

But before we could go next door to see Ralph we had to lay down the ground rules. What was the appropriate way to behave with Ralph? Did he like eating lettuce? These questions and more were explored with these 3 spunky 4 year olds in the lead up to cuddles with Ralph.

“Is Ralph a big animal or a small animal?”

Peggy: “He is so small”

Harlow: “He is teeny tiny”

Olive: “Yep, he is very small.”

“Do we need to be quiet or loud around Ralph?”

H: “We need to be really quiet ok guys. We should wear bare feet so we can tiptoe really quietly.”

O: “Yeah and we need to whisper. Like really quietly whisper.”

P: “We need to feed him carrots.”

H: “And we have to be gentle. He used to be a wild bunny, but now he is not, so we need to be gentle.”

O: “Yeah Harlow, we know. We know about bunnies.”

“Does Ralph like eating lettuce?”

P: “I used to like eating lettuce in my sandwiches at kinder, but now I don’t.”

H: “I grow lettuce in my garden. It’s yummy!”

O: “I’d like to grow carrots in my garden. And lollies! Harlow would you like to grow beetroots?”

H: “No thanks”

All: giggle giggle giggle

“OK great. Should we go see Ralph now?”

P: “YES!”

H: “Let’s be superheros going to see Ralph! I’m going to be Cat Girl with super cat speed!”

P: “I want to be Elsa, and my power is that I can fly. Well, just pretend fly.”

O: “I’m going to be Wonder Woman and freeze everyone. Do you think he will like my nail polish?”

H: “Yep Olive – I think he will. Now let’s go superhero’s!”


Oh poor Ralphy…


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