FUN things to do with kids at home during ISO

FUN things to do with kids at home during ISO

FUN things to do with kids at home during ISO

Let’s face it – we are all either in forced lockdown, or we are choosing to be at home a lot more due to that cheeky old Rona virus getting around. So that means we need to find things to do with the kids at home. And if you are like me, the thought of hiding another “art project” until my child forgets about it and I can sneak it into the recycling is exhausting. So what are some fun things to do at home with the kids in ISO? And better yet, what can they do on their own, so that you can get that report done, finish the washing or work on your TikTok moves?

Jess from @dandaatplay has some great suggestions which don’t cost money, can be executed unsupervised and you won’t need to hide the final results in the top of the linen cupboard. WINNING!

Playdough. “A faithful favourite in our house!” says Jess. But get creative with this old winner by adding glitter, sand or experimenting with ingredients such as cocoa, cinnamon, lavender or nutmeg. Yummmm – but don’t eat it. This will make it smell great, but it will still taste terrible! There are HEAPS of playdough recipes online, but here is an easy one to get you started.

Backyard Camping. Pop up a tent (or rig one up out of a blanket) in the backyard/garage/shed, then add some cushions and you’ve got yourself a makeshift campground! Take turns to tell stories or play backyard games like egg and spoon races. The kids will love taking their toys into the new playspace, and will probably want to sleep there for the night… FUN!

Post Office. Make up a Post Box and write letters, draw pictures and post them to each other. Jess adds “ If you have some neighbours or friends near by, go for a bike ride and pop a card in their mailbox to brighten their day!”

Put on a show. Throw on your favourite tutu, add some sparkle to your look and get dancing! Set the kids up in their room with a speaker and The Greatest Showman soundtrack and let them go wild choregraphing a routine to perform for the family. Magic shows are also great to rehearse, as are roller-skating concerts and puppet shows!    

Tracing Bodies. Jess’s suggestion-  “Draw outlines of each other either with chalk in the backyard and see who can decorate them with the craziest of outfits and hairstyles!” This is a great one for siblings to do with each other, and almost guarantees a laugh or two during the process. And just a quick FYI- chalk figures look amazing in a tutu! Wink emoji.

Obstacle Course. The floor is LAVA!! Use pillows, dining room chairs, clothes horse tunnels and blanket caves! Yes the house will look a terrible mess at the end of this one, but the kids get so engrossed in the game, it will ensure you get at least an hour to perfect the Renegade TikTok.

And please remember to be kind to yourself during this testing time. If it all gets too much, shut your laptop, put down the washing basket and jump into the backyard tent with your kids. It’s amazing what a quick cuddle and a laugh can do for the spirits!   

💖Steph xx

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